How to Be the Perfect Party Guest

We've all gotten nervous when we get invited to a so We'll show you how to be the perfect party guest at even the most boring parties.

What is worst than a terrible party guest? Don’t be that guy that doesn’t RSVP but shows up anyway, drunk, and then doesn’t leave for two hours after the last guests have already arrived back home. Here’s how to be the perfect party guest.

  • Always, RSVP

Not RSVP’ing is rude. The host needs to know how many people are coming to plan the party. To RSVP and then not show up is even worst.

  • If you are attending a dinner party or braai, offer to bring something

Cooking for a group of people isn’t an easy task and can be expensive. That’s why it’s always good manners to offer to bring something like a salad or a dessert.

  • Always arrive on time

One of the pressures of throwing a party is timing your food for your guests. If you are 20 minutes late, you could come after the food has been serviced or at an improper time.

  • Bring a gift for the host

Flowers, a bottle of wine, alcohol, food, are all appropriate to bring to dinner parties. It doesn’t have to be expensive just something that enhances the party.

  • Come prepared for a conversation

Always come prepared for a conversation. On your way to the party think about some topics to talk about. Remember to avoid any controversial subjects like politics and religion.

  • Eat and drink responsibly

Do not come to the party famished and ready to eat everything in sight. As important is not to drink too much. You do not want to be the drunk at the party.

  • Compliment the host

It’s always good manners to compliment the host. It could be on the food or how great the party is. Also, make sure to thank the host again when you leave the party.

  • Don’t overstay your welcome

When things are winding down and the conversation hits a lag, know that it’s your time to leave.

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