How to Create Your Own Barbershop Hot Towel at Home

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One of the best parts of any shave at a barbershop is the hot towels that they press against your face. It is a relaxing ritual and a practical way to soften your beard so you can get a nice, close shave. Here is how to create your barbershop hot towel at home.

Step 1: Get a towel/washcloth

Any old bathroom hand towel or washcloth will do. Just choose the one that is the right size for your face.

Step 2: Pick your essential oil

Many barbers use essential oil on their towels before steaming them to make them more relaxing. There are three traditional scents that you should look for lavender, eucalyptus, and sandalwood.

Step 3: Heat the towel

With hot water

The most obvious way to heat a towel is to run it under hot water in the bathroom sink. This may take some time and not be as effective, but it does work.

Place towel in a microwave

A faster and more secure way to heat your towel is to simply put it into a microwave. Run it under some water, then wring it out so that it’s slightly damp. Throw it in the microwave for 30 seconds. And you will have a hot towel in less than a minute

Step 4: Apply to face and enjoy

Apply a hot towel to your face for a few seconds will soften up whiskers for the shave. Then once it starts to cool down, rub it in the opposite direction of your whiskers growth. Then you can remove it and continue your regular shaving routine.

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