Our Story

When trying to buy gifts for men online, you will find that there are only two options. One, you could search through millions of products on a mass retailer online site that sells anything that you can think of. Or two, you can buy a cheap gimmick product from one of the online stores that market themselves as “gifts for men shops”. We created a store to fill the gap and that you can be proud to buy from. Manmeister was born.

We build it ourselves.

We have never built a website before. We have always paid experts to do it for us. But we could not do that with Manmeister. It just would not be right. This is a site for guys by guys.

Instead of soliciting the services of an expert web developer, we started researching, experimenting, making mistakes, improving, and creating something ourselves.

Every man that has ever build something themselves will know the feeling that we feel when we think of Manmeister. Some might call it pride, but it so much more than that. It is a feeling of achievement, a feeling of self-actualisation, a feeling of our creation being an extension of ourselves.

We want this feeling to last forever and we know that we can ensure that it will by keeping to the principles that Manmeister was built on:


Respect is our core value. The most important thing for us is to respect our customers and ourselves. We show our respect to you by always putting you first. At Manmeister we will never put profits or sales before our customers.

We will never sell you an inferior product or a product that is not exactly what you want just to make a sale. We only keep products from brands that have proven themselves and their products to us and our customers. You will be familiar with the brands on Manmeister and recognize them as quality brands that you can trust. You will not find gimmicks or cheap imports here.


We focus on long-term “win-win” relationships with people of value. These people of value are our customers, our suppliers, and our staff.

We know that if we stay loyal to our customers, suppliers, and staff by always putting them first they will be loyal to us in return and that is how a community of value is built.


We are people of action. When our customers need us, we will act.

We will process your order immediately. We will get your delivery out quickly. When there is an obstacle preventing us from getting your product to you as soon as possible, we will inform you immediately and act to overcome the obstacle. We will resolve queries to your satisfaction. We will give a fantastic service. WE WILL!


We strive to learn every day. We learn as much as possible about the products we sell. We strive to learn about our customers and what they expect from an online store to continuously improve our service delivery. We make the effort to learn about processes and how we can improve ours.

We are self-made and we will never compromise on our principals. We are sure that you will enjoy your Manmeister shopping experience as much as we enjoyed creating it.